Mark C. Cox

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Senior information technology manager with a proven track record running a cool, calm operation in a high pressure 24-hour environment.

Employment History


CMGdigital (Cox Media Group, Inc.)
Sr. Manager of Technology Operations


Atlanta, GA
Sep 2009 - Sep 2010

CMGdigital is the digital arm for the Cox Media Group, Inc. division of Cox Enterprises, Inc., one of the nation's leading media and communications companies (cable, television, radio, newspapers). COXnet was CMG's predecessor in this role. COXnet (employer in previous role) was partially absorbed by CMG Digital in 2009.


·         Managed a team of 14 systems engineers, architects, configuration managers, IT/facilities mangers and database administrators with 100% responsibility for remotely located 2500 sq. ft. caged data center facilities (approximately 475 devices distributed between three datacenters and corporate office space) which serviced 15 million monthly unique site visitors; 300 million monthly page views; and 500 mbps of outbound HTTP traffic during peak times of the day (including cached delivery via CDN).

·         Planned and executed the consolidation of Cox Radio Interactive and COXnet datacenter facilities to corporate datacenter while maximizing existing hardware resources and eliminating costly legacy platforms; realized savings of $750k in yearly hosting costs.

·         As a founding member of the new organization, helped to assemble a team of multi-disciplined players focused on delivering high quality services to support revenue generating products. 

·         Identifying best of breed solutions in a division-wide consolidation of online resources in order to better leverage economies of scale and to reduce operational costs.


COXnet (Cox Newspapers, Inc.), Cox Interactive Media (Cox Enterprises, Inc.)

Director of Technology Operations

Manager & Architect - Systems Engineering

Senior Systems Architect/Engineer

Atlanta, GA

 Feb 2007 – Sep 2009

Mar 2006 – Feb 2007

Apr 2001 – Mar 2005

COXnet is the online force for the Cox Newspapers division of Cox Enterprises, one of the nation's leading media and communications companies (cable, television, radio, newspapers). Cox Interactive Media was COXnet's predecessor in this role. Cox Interactive Media was partially absorbed by COXnet in 2003

·         Managed a team of 11 systems engineers, architects, configuration managers, partner services manger (including service desk operations) and database administrators with 100% responsibility for remotely located 1800 sq. ft. caged data center facilities (approximately 375 devices distributed between two datacenters and a corporate office space) which serviced nearly 10 million monthly unique site visitors; over 150 million monthly page views; and 350 mbps of outbound HTTP traffic during peak times of the day (including cached delivery via CDN).

·         Planned and executed major production system migrations and upgrades with minimal downtime, including migration between CMS platforms, core switch migration (from Foundry to Cisco equipment), Network Appliance filers, Cisco networking equipment, PIX firewalls, BigIP, WAN/LAN T1 and Metro E circuits, Web systems running BEA Weblogic 5.0 to 7.1 to 9.1, Oracle 8 to 9i to 10g and 11g, Solaris 8 to SLES9&10 Linux migrations and a Web Order Entry product migration (between hosting facilities). Collaborated with Cox Newspaper properties to ensure that these migrations completed successfully and within time lines.

·         Instituted incident and problem management processes to eliminate repeat failures, speed up problem resolution and to prioritize continuous improvement.

·         Planned and deployed D/R strategy leveraging existing Akamai services and engagement. Plotted out a course for continuing improvement toward ideal goals for business continuity and D/R.

·         Designed, planned, budgeted and executed delivery of the "COXNet Managed Web Hosting Environment" product in order to ensure that all web hosting needs were provided for within Cox Newspapers. This was a major improvement over the previously instituted Local Programming Environment, because VMWare allowed hardware to be shared among customers with guaranteed resources.

·         Trained and coached Tech Ops management staff in an ongoing career development strategy.

·         Instituted internal Wiki for COXnet IT staffers in order to support growing documentation needs.

·         Implemented an advanced Content Delivery Network (Akamai) to improve and harden site uptime and reliability as well as to prepare our media sites to handle unexpected news-related traffic spikes.  This allowed us to serve 20x more traffic as our previous limit with no additional hardware or software and offered additional protection from denial of service attacks.

·         Designed, developed, and deployed a Newspaper Association of America (NAA) Award winning "hot deployment" code release system to allow for unobtrusive code deployments at any hour of the day.  This allowed for 1) zero-downtime weekly code updates, 2) a near total reduction in scheduled overnight maintenance windows for daytime personnel and 3) the ability to address urgent issues live on our sites, any time of day. Release system provided support for concurrent QA and UAT across multiple code releases (without additional hardware or virtualization software); and pre-production white-glove testing on production hardware and with production URL structure.

·         Designed, authored and deployed more granular and standardized system monitoring and metric-gathering tools to provide for long-term trend analysis to better support troubleshooting, isolation of resource contention and capacity planning.

·         Designed, implemented and maintained shared Local Programming Environment web hosting infrastructure to give our newspaper brands more control of their websites and to encourage innovation.  This also lowered costs by centralizing an in-house and extensible hosting solution, versus requiring each newspaper to host with external vendors.

·         Member and manager of 24/7 on call rotation, which provided 15-minute response to system or customer generated alerts.

·         Designed technical interview guide for use within COXnet IT. This guide implemented Cox's core principles and documented interview policy in a structured and scripted guide. The guide provided a means to delegate technical interviews to non-managers while preserving an ethical, legal and objective means to compare candidates.

·         Member of a 24/7 on-call rotation (operations).

·         Provided technical support for developers and newspaper staffers (content producers).

·         Performed systems administration and engineer roles on UNIX platforms.

·         Performed operations role in architecting, deploying and maintaining multi-tiered J2EE environment (using apache, Weblogic and Oracle) while preserving and integrating legacy CGI functionality.

·         Responsible for all development, testing and production hardware capacity planning, procurement and deployment.

·         Designed and implemented customized caching mechanism for web service calls to COXnet application (widgets); this greatly improved the performance and stability of web sites at a critical time.
Senior Systems Architect/Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Jun 1999 – Apr 2001 was a file sharing portal site. It scaled to a very large user base and demand.

·         Designed, implemented, and maintained production and corporate networks to support fast paced growth.

·         Led operations department role in development, design, implementation, and maintenance of a portal site that eventually generated over 600 mbps of outbound HTTP traffic during peak times of the day.

·          Developed and maintained code release facility for i-drive platform code (Java) for low impact production deployment.

·         Automated load balancer configuration for rapid allocation of server resources.

·         Automated installation procedure for web server tier with KickStart.

·         Authored many maintenance scripts for log harvesting, service administration, and system performance monitoring. 

·         Designed and implemented's apache/JServ architecture.

·         Implemented Keystone for operations department's support ticketing system.

·         Graphed metrics for bandwidth, load balancing delegation, system resources, and other data with gnuplot, MRTG, cricket, and HP OpenView.

·         Migrated web-tier hosts and load balancers through a progression of hardware, operating systems, kernel and patch levels; progressively enhancing performance and stability.

Sage Networks/Interliant/Clever Computers, Inc.
Senior Systems Engineer

Atlanta, GA
Sep 1995 – Jun 1999

Clever Computers, Inc. was a wholesale web hosting company with a large customer base and a very small staff. Sage Networks purchased CCI. Sage then re-launched as Interliant before finally performing an IPO.

·         Member of a 24/7 on-call rotation (operations).

·         Responsible for integrating and consolidating newly acquired company services.

·         Developed system monitoring tools.

·         Automated system wide maintenance tasks.

·         Developed solutions for collocated servers on demand.

·         Responsible for provisioning, maintenance, administration, automation, configuration and monitoring of all in-house service support infrastructure (DNS, sendmail, POP, etc.) and apache web servers (serving over 100k sites and domains).

·         Daily coaching and support of NOC staff.

·         Provided 1st-3rd tier technical support to end-users and resellers.

·         Developed administrative tools for dedicated server markets.

·         Developed menu driven administrative interface for collocated UNIX server offering.

·         Developed suite of DNS administration and automation tools including both command line and web interfaces.

·         Developed anti-spam system requiring successful pop requests for SMTP relay authorization.

·         Developed production, QA, and development release tools.

·         Developed account provisioning and tech support interface for UNIX technical staff (processed account additions through a queue and permitted logged administrative access to all servers).




Newspaper Association of America press award for "Hot-deployment" code release system.

Technologies & Skill Proficiencies


Senior and technical management; data center facility management; monitoring and incident management; UNIX system administration and engineering; SAN and NAS administration; N-tier web hosting environment design and operation; network infrastructure design and operation; Solaris/Linux/HP-UX systems administration; BEA Weblogic Platform with Portal and Integration; Jboss and Tomcat; Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g RAC; MySQL; PostgreSQL; Network and Web Application Security; Interwoven TeamSite; Apache; CVS/RCS/svn/git; Python/Django/mod_wsgi; and the UNIX shell.




Truett McConnell College
Honors English

Cleveland, GA



Xxxxxx xxxxxx

Engineering Project Manager at Google, Inc.


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Vice President, Technology, CondeNet at Conde Nast Publications